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We focus on today's most in-demand skills…


Digital publishing
with WordPress
Sitemap, wireframe, mockup


Web design
with HTML and CSS
Presentation, style, design-to-code


Dynamic website
with jQuery
Interactivity, animation, inspection


New media art
with Processing
Graphics, animation, experimental


Backend development
with PHP and SQL
Database, scalability, fullstack


Team collaboration
with GitHub
Maintenance, tracking, discussion


Application architecture
with React
Plugins, components, patterns


Cloud web server
with Linux
System, networking, monitoring


Browser automation
with Puppeteer
Mining, scheduling, testing


AI application
with HuggingFace
OpenAI, generative, conversational


Data visualization
with D3
Charts, extraction, dataset


3D graphics
with three.js
Primitives, modelling, interaction

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Build fully-functioning applications from scratch and experience different facets of the industry.

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Regularly connect with human tutors and other community members, either via text or live conference sessions.

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Instructor understands what it is like to be a student and provides screencast tutorials, helping us to better understand as we complete the exercise. Instructor is available to help right away and jump on a screensharing call. This was a coding experience that I needed.

Knowledgeable instructor, passionate and engaging towards students and wants to help them succeed. Instructor was eloquent and a great lecturer/storyteller. I really liked the coding exercises and the lack of pressure from them since they were self-directed.

Instructor is so caring, respectful and chill! Lectures and assignments are extremely straightforward. It didn't matter what skills you had, as the instructor teaches like it is a first to everyone. Instructor is always available for clarification, and even offers to help you one-on-one online. Hope he teaches again!

What a beautiful soul! Instructor has this genuine interest in students that is hard to find among others. Instructor is such a gentle kind hearted human who will guide you through whatever you need and will stay in a lab with you until you are happy with your product. I only wish he could teach more classes!

Coming in, I was hesitant and wasn't sure if this course would be fun or interesting. Throughout the course, the instructor thoroughly explained everything we needed to know about the world of interactive design.

Coding exercises and online resources provided were great. I never thought I would be messing around with any APIs anytime soon, and the instructor showed us that they are not some strange foreign objects impossible to understand.

Let us answer any questions you may have

We believe in lessons rooted in practical and industry-oriented challenges. Our materials are not primarily designed to help you "break into tech" as other coding bootcamps may claim, but instead empower your current craft with programming and digital media skills.

It's up to you! Each course consists of 5 to 6 tutorials, where you can engage in a series of concept explorations and jump into various programming and design exercises. We expect one would take about 2 to 3 hours per week to successfully complete each course.

Our materials are published for free without warranty, although we do respond to comments and questions you may leave under each lesson page. For premium users, we provide direct support via Slack and email. For all other inquiries, you can always email us at

Yes! For premium users, we provide a digital copy of the certificate (PDF or LinkedIn badge as appropriate) upon receiving evidence of completed projects.

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